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ACS880-1604LC-1600A-7 ABB ACS880 DC converter liquid-cooled drive


ABB’s all-compatible drives are designed to provide customers across industries and applications with unprecedented levels of compatibility and flexibility. The ACS880 drive modules are optimized for panel building. They are customized to meet the particular needs of specific industries, such as oil and gas, mining, metals, chemicals, cement, power plants, material handling, pulp and paper, sawmills, marine, water and wastewater, food and beverage, and automotive. They can control a wide range of applications, including cranes, extruders, winches, winders, conveyors, mixers, compressors, centrifuges, test benches, elevators, extruders, pumps and fans.Reliability and consistent high quality The ACS880 drives are designed for customers who value high quality and robustness in their applications. They have coated boards as standard, making the ACS880 suitable for harsh conditions. Additionally, every ACS880 drive is factory-tested at full load to ensure maximum reliability. The tests include performance and all protective functions. High performance, safety and configurability The ACS880 offers the highest level of performance. The drives are equipped with ABB’s signature Direct Torque Control (DTC), which provides precise speed and torque control for all applications and supports virtually any type of motor. The extensive ACS880 offering includes wall_x0002_mounted drives, drive modules and cabinet-built drives, as well as low harmonic and regenerative variants. The ACS880 has all the essential features built-in reducing the time required for engineering, installation and commissioning. A wide range of options are also available to optimize the drive for different requirements, including certified, integrated safety features.

ABB ACS880 Industrial Drives ACS880-1604LC

The ACS880 industrial drive modules are designed for cabinet installation, with optimized location of the power terminals and wheels for easy maneuvering. A wide selection of module variants and options, including extensive programming and connectivity, make the ACS880 suitable for various different requirements and applications. Optimized for cabinet assembly • Flexible mounting directions and product configurations • Side-by-side mounting • Power terminal locations designed for optimal and compact cabinet layout • High power modules with wheels for easy maneuvering • Possibility for flange (push through) mounting • Mechanical kits for easy cabinet assembly Ease of engineering and use ACS880-1604LC-0400A-7 ACS880-1604LC-0500A-7 ACS880-1604LC-0600A-7 ACS880-1604LC-0700A-7 ACS880-1604LC-0800A-7 ACS880-1604LC-0900A-7 ACS880-1604LC-1000A-7 ACS880-1604LC-1200A-7 ACS880-1604LC-1400A-7 ACS880-1604LC-1600A-7 ACS880-1604LC-1800A-7 • Multilingual control panel with clear display • Graphical PC tools for engineering, commissioning and maintenance • Minimized engineering and installation effort with integrated features and components ABB ACS880 Industrial Drives ACS880-1604LC • Extensive selection of support material and tools for engineering • Virtual commissioning Smarter solutions with drive-based functional safety • Safe Torque Off built-in as standard • Optional safety modules for extended safety functions • Encoderless safe speed detection • Highest level of machinery safety, SIL 3 / PL e • TÜV certified Comprehensive connectivity • Communication with all major automation networks • Remote monitoring • Mobile connectivity • Integration tools for various PLCs

ABB ACS880 Industrial Drives ACS880-1604LC

Minimized downtime • Robust, long lifetime design for maximum reliability • Coated circuit boards for harsh conditions • Removable memory unit for fast drive replacement • Each drive factory tested at full load • Nine-year maintenance interval • Worldwide service and support • Advanced features for analyzing and resolving issues Global compatibility with various demands • Global product approvals, e.g. CE, UL, cUL, CSA, marine certifications, ATEX • Support for various motor types • Low harmonic content • Capable of power regeneration Premium control and programmability • Direct Torque Control (DTC) for precise control • Speed, torque and position control as well as synchronizing • Extensive parameter-based programming • Adaptive programming as standard • Drive-based PLC programmability (IEC 61131-3) for fully customized solutions ABB ACS880 Industrial Drives ACS880-1604LC Optimized mechanical design for cabinet assembly ACS880 drive modules have been optimized for assembly into the customer’s own cabinets to ensure high quality and compact installation at minimal cost. High power modules have wheels for easy maneuvering, and the power terminal locations have been designed for optimal and compact cabinet layout. Side-by-side mounting reduces the required cabinet space. For harsh environments, flange mounting (push through) with UL (NEMA) Type 12 / IP55 back side protection is offered for complete drive modules. In flange mounting, the control electronics are separated from the cooling airflow for better thermal management and higher reliability. Flexible mounting and cabling directions enable adaptation to various cabinet enclosures. All the complete ACS880 drive modules have UL (NEMA) Type Open / IP20 enclosure class to minimize engineering and assembly effort, as well as to reduce the total cost and ensure a safe ready made cabinet. Support for cabinet assembly A large variety of support material is available for making cabinet assembly, planning, and implementation as straightforward and rapid as possible. Cabinet assembly accessories help shorten engineering and assembly time, and help to reduce the risk of errors. A wide selection of both mechanical and electrical installation accessories are offered for high power modules. These accessories are available allowing full design to install the modules into customer enclosures. Additionally, ABB authorized and registered system integrators and panel builders can offer their assistance. ABB ACS880 Industrial Drives ACS880-1604LC All-compatible user interface saves commissioning and learning time The ACS880 is part of ABB’s all-compatible drives portfolio. Other drives in this portfolio are the ACS380, ACS480 and ACS580. These drives share the same easy-to-use PC tools and multilingual control panels. To further enhance the user experience they also have the same parameter structure, saving learning and commissioning time. The drives also share the same communication option modules, simplifying the use of the drives and spare parts required. Simplicity at your fingertips as standard The control panel’s assistant helps you setup the drive quickly and effectively. The intuitive, high contrast, high-resolution display offers easy navigation in multiple languages. The PC tool for commissioning and configuration provides extensive drive monitoring capabilities, quick access to drive settings, as well as a graphical interface for configuring safety functions, visual control diagrams, and direct links to user manuals. Built-in features simplify ordering and installation All ACS880 drives have an internal choke for harmonic filtering, a Modbus RTU fieldbus interface, and Safe Torque Off functionality as standard. Other built-in features, standard or optional, include EMC filters, brake choppers, du/ dt filters, low harmonic or regenerative functionality, various I/O extensions, communication protocol adapters, and functional safety modules. The built-in features shorten engineering and installation time as well as reduce the risk of errors. As a result, the total cost is lower and the whole drive system is more compact. Engineering support ABB provides an extensive selection of support material and tools to help in engineering, such as: • Drive sizing tools, e.g. DriveSize • Step-by-step installation instructions • E-learning • Safety circuit design tools • EPLAN P8 macros • Selection tool for choosing external components, e.g. fuses and circuit breakers • Dimensional (2D and 3D) and electrical drawings • Application guides • Drive installation and configuration videos These tools and support from our experts ensure that the drive system can be set up easily and reliably. Advanced features for analyzing and resolving issues The ACS880 has timers and counters that can be configured to remind you when the drive or process equipment needs maintenance. Accurate and reliable diagnostic information is available for warning and fault messages. Help texts give detailed information about the warning or fault. Data loggers store critical values before and during an event. The real-time clock allows you to see the exact times of events. For faster remote support, all relevant drive data and changed parameters can be saved in a single file package that you can easily create with the Drive Composer PC tool or by creating a QR code with the control panel. Global support ABB offers worldwide support via its extensive pre and post-sales network, structured to make sure that you have the experts you need close by, locally and globally. Global product approvals The ACS880 is a global product and has all the major global approvals, including CE, UL, cUL, EAC, RCM and TÜV. Marine approval, ATEX and SEMI F47 are available either as standard or as an option. Support for different motor types The ACS880 provides reliable control for squirrel cage, high-torque or servo-type permanent magnet, synchronous reluctance (SynRM), submersible and high-speed motors. Most encoder types are supported. Regardless of the motor type, drive commissioning is easy, with no need for laborious manual tuning. Low harmonic content All ACS880 drives have an internal choke for harmonic reduction. If lower harmonic content is needed, an ultra-low harmonic variant is available. The drive will produce exceptionally low harmonic content and meet the requirements IEEE519, IEC61000-3-12 and G5/4. Regeneration of energy The ACS880 offers a number of solutions for applications where electrical braking is needed. As standard, ACS880 drives have a flux braking feature that provides greater deceleration by increasing the motor flux. If this is not sufficient, the internal brake chopper can be used together with a brake resistor. The most advanced solution is the ACS880 regenerative drive, which allows full, continuous braking and can produce remarkable energy savings. ACS880 also supports common DC bus configurations, where the braking energy from one load can be utilized by other loads.

ABB ACS880 Industrial Drives ACS880-1604LC

Direct Torque Control (DTC) ABB's state of the art motor control technology provides precise speed and torque control, with or without an encoder, even close to zero speed. DTC provides reliable starts and rapid reactions to load or line changes, and ensures smooth and continuous operation. DTC provides optimal control, even with sine filters. The energy optimizer feature maximizes motor efficiency by ensuring maximum torque per ampere, reducing the power drawn from the supply. Position control and synchronizing Position control allows to meet motion systems demands without the need of an external position controller. The ready-made motion functions can be easily configured by parameters. Additional features, such as built-in synchronized drive to drive link and possibility for encoderless positioning, make ACS880 position control ideal for any axis. Drive programming To meet your specific application needs, you can customize your ACS880 with an extensive range of user-definable software settings (parameters) and adaptive programming. This makes fine-tuning the ready-made application control program easy. For further customization, drive application programming based on IEC 61131 standard is available for full PLC programmability. IEC programming uses the same programming environment as ABB PLCs. It is also easy to integrate the ACS880 with PLCs and HMIs. Adaptive programming is an easy to use dynamic programming which allows flexible adjustments to the ACS880 software. IEC programming based on IEC 61131 standard for full scale PLC programmability is available as an option. Flexibility and ease of cabinet assembly The ACS880 modules have all the essential features built-in. These standard and optional features include a choke for harmonic filtering, brake chopper, EMC filter, communication protocol adapter, functional safety and I/O extension modules. The built-in design combined with UL (NEMA) Type Open / IP20 protection significantly simplifies engineering. The drive’s compact size, flexible cabling options and versatile mounting possibilities from narrow side-by-side to flat mounting to horizontal mounting make it an ideal fit for almost any enclosure. The control unit with I/O and communication connections is mounted outside the power module. The flange mounting variant (-04F/04FXT) with UL (NEMA) Type 12 / IP55 heat sink makes the drive suitable for harsh environments. High power units with parallel connected drive modules extends the power range with -04XT up to 1250 HP (1200 kW) and with -04FXT up to 2500 HP (2400 kW). ABB ACS880 Industrial Drives ACS880-1604LC Single drive modules, ACS880-04/04F/04XT/04FXT • Power ratings: 275 to 2500 HP (200 to 2400 kW) • Enclosure classes: -04: UL (NEMA) Type Open / IP20, -04F: UL (NEMA) Type Open / IP20 [UL (NEMA) Type 12 / IP55 for heat sink side], -04XT: UL (NEMA) Type Open / IP00(IP20 with optional shrouds), -04FXT: UL (NEMA) Type Open / IP00 (IP20 with optional shrouds) [UL (NEMA) Type 12 / IP55 for heat sink side]. Ready-made packages for easy installation The ACS880-04 high power single drive module package includes a supply unit and a separate inverter unit. The supply unit consists of D7T or D8T half-controlled diode modules with thyristor charging. Parallel connected R8i modules are utilized in the inverter unit. The drive module packages are ready-sized and are available as 6-pulse or 12-pulse variants. Installing and transporting the modules is easy, as they are equipped with wheels. Connecting the modules to the motor cables inside the cabinet is fast with the quick connectors. The modules can also be easily pulled out from a cabinet without any need for disconnecting the motor cables. The inverter module comes equipped with a removable fan pedestal, which makes motor cabling easy. To further shorten the engineering and assembly time several mechanical and electrical accessories are available. High power single drive module packages, ACS880-04 • Power ratings: 600 to 2250 HP (400 to 2200 kW) • Enclosure classes: UL (NEMA) Type Open / IP00 • Built-in choke as standard for input harmonic reduction • External control unit • Speed controlled cooling fans • Large power terminals allowing the use of a wide range of cable sizes • Internal du/dt filters as standard in R8i inverter modules ABB regenerative drive modules are optimized for cabinet assembly. ACS880-11+P940 and ACS880-14 frame R11 are compact and complete drive solutions, with everything needed for regenerative operation in cyclic or continuous braking applications. For high power applications ACS880-14 single drive module packages are available. Energy savings With regenerative functionality, the braking energy of the motor is returned to the drive and distributed to the supply network so that it can be utilized by other equipment. Compared to mechanical or resistor braking, where braking energy is wasted as heat, regenerative drive operation offers significant savings in energy consumption and cooling. The drive reaches unity power factor. This high power factor indicates that electrical energy is used to its full potential. Minimized downtime Regenerative drives offer immunity to network disturbances. The drive will not interrupt the process or affect process quality in unstable supply network conditions. The ACS880 drive’s active supply unit is able to boost output voltage, resulting in full motor voltage even when the supply voltage is below nominal. Voltage boost capability can also be utilized to overcome a voltage drop caused by long supply or motor cables or output filters. Optimized cost and space Everything needed for regenerative operation, such as an active supply unit and low harmonic line filter are included, and no external braking devices are needed. Advantages: • Quick, easy drive installation • Small installation footprint • No need to add cooling to handle the heat generated by mechanical or resistor braking • Simplified wiring • Less spare parts needed ABB ACS880 Industrial Drives ACS880-1604LC The “all inside” design for frames up to R11 and mechanical installation kits for module packages help to cut engineering and assembly time, as well as to reduce equipment costs and the risk of errors. The drive’s voltage boost capability can be an advantage in motor sizing. With a higher motor voltage, the same power is achieved with less current, which may allow a smaller motor to be used. With the ACS880 regenerative drive it is possible to compensate for low power factors of equipment connected to the same network. This reduces the need for additional power factor correction equipment, including filters and large capacitor banks. It can also help avoid penalty charges from electrical utilities for poor power factor. Maximized motor performance and efficiency The drive is able to provide full motor voltage in all conditions. ACS880 drives can regenerate 100% current to the line continuously. The drive features Direct Torque Control (DTC) as standard, making it suitable for very demanding applications. DTC provides precise speed and torque control for maximum motor performance and efficiency. ACS880-11+P940 and ACS880-14 frame R11 • Power ratings: 3 to 450 HP (2.2 to 400 kW) • Enclosure classes: UL (NEMA) Type Open / IP20, in flange mounting (ACS880-11) heat sink side UL (NEMA) Type 12 / IP55 ABB ACS880 Industrial Drives ACS880-1604LC Harmonic distortions can disturb or even damage sensitive equipment connected in the same environment. Harmonics also cause additional losses in the network. The ACS880-31+P940 and ACS880-34 frame R11 are compact, complete drive modules with harmonic mitigation built-in. For high power solutions, the ACS880-34 single drive module packages are available. Clean supply network Our ultra-low harmonic drive produces exceptionally low harmonic content and exceeds the requirements of harmonic specifications including IEEE 519 and G5/4. Compared to a conventional drive, the harmonic content is reduced by up to 97%. The total harmonic current distortion is typically <3% in nominal situations with an undistorted network. Minimized downtime ABB’s ultra-low harmonic drive offers immunity to network disturbances. The drive will not interrupt the process or affect process quality in unstable supply network conditions. The ACS880 drive's active supply unit is able to boost the output voltage resulting in full motor voltage even when the supply voltage is below nominal. This ensures reliable operation in weak networks. This voltage boost capability can also be utilized to overcome voltage drops caused by long supply or motor cables Optimized cost and space The compact ACS880 low harmonic drive solution has harmonic mitigation built-in. This includes an active supply unit and low harmonic line filter. There is no need for external filters, multi-pulse arrangements or special transformers, resulting in significant savings in space, time and cost. Oversizing cables, transformers and other distribution equipment due to harmonic current overheating can often be ignored when using the ACS880 low harmonic drive. The drive’s voltage boost capability can be an advantage in motor sizing. With a higher motor voltage, the same power is achieved with less current, which improves motor efficiency and may allow a smaller motor to be used. Maximized motor performance and efficiency The drive is able to provide full motor voltage even if the supply voltage fluctuates. It features Direct Torque Control (DTC) as standard, making it suitable for very demanding applications. DTC provides precise speed and torque control for maximum motor performance and motor efficiency. Ultra-low harmonic single drive modules, ACS880-31+P940 and ACS880-34 frame R11 • Power ratings: 3 to 450 HP (2.2 to 400 kW) • Enclosure classes: UL (NEMA) Type Open / IP20, in flange mounting (ACS880-31) heat sink side UL (NEMA) Type 12 / IP55 The module selection for building multidrive configurations includes inverter, diode supply, IGBT supply, regenerative rectifier, brake and DC-DC converter units. Their modular design and side-by side mounting make installation fast and easy. Modules with bigger frame sizes are equipped with wheels so they can easily be moved in or out of the cabinet for maintenance purposes. This concept also allows pre-installation of the power cables inside the empty cabinet. Multidrives can be used wherever several motors form part of a single process. With a compact module design and high power density, the single supply and DC bus arrangement with multiple inverters provides many advantages: • Savings in cabling, installation and maintenance costs • Reduced component count and increased reliability • Reduced line power and line currents. As the energy circulates over the common DC bus, all energy is not taken from the supply network. Energy circulation can be used for motor-to motor braking without the need for a braking chopper or regenerative supply unit. Inverter units (INU) Inverter units are DC supplied and have built-in capacitors for smoothing the DC voltage. The electrical connection to the common DC bus is fuse protected. An optional switch can be selected to disconnect the whole drive unit from the DC bus. Diode supply units (DSU) A diode supply unit is used in non-regenerative drive systems to convert three-phase AC voltage to DC voltage. Two types of diode supply unit are available: an uncontrolled 6-pulse diode supply unit (D6D to D8D) and a half-controlled diode supply unit with thyristor charging (D7T and D8T). The DxT modules can be connected parallel and are able to charge the inverters without external components. Simple and cost-efficient installation The high-efficient liquid cooling removes the need for air-conditioning in the installation rooms, bringing the installation and operation costs down. As there is no need for additional air conditioning devices or air ducts, the installation is significantly simplified. The used coolant type is Antifrogen® L, by Clariant International Ltd, cooling liquid with glycol and inhibitor. It is a ready-made, commercially available mix, which enables easy commissioning and prevents the risk of errors in coolant selection. Wide selection of drive module products Covering a wide power range with a very small footprint, the liquid-cooled ACS880 is available for single and multidrive purposes. The product family includes compact diode supply, IGBT supply, inverter units and DC/DC converters. Optional stand-alone liquid cooling units are offered for cooling the modules. All piping and heat exchangers can be combined to the same closed loop cooling system. In addition, ABB offers an extensive selection of electrical and mechanical installation accessories, including piping components. These minimize cabinet engineering and assembly effort and ensure a safe, tested cabinet design. Liquid-cooled modules, ACS880-x04LC • Power ratings: Diode supply units (DSU): 745 to 3466 kW IGBT supply units (ISU): 430 to 3502 kVA Inverter units (INU): 300 to 3300 HP (250 to 3000 kW) Brake choppers: 54 to 714 kW DC/DC converters: 400 to 1800 A • Enclosure class: UL (NEMA) Type Open / IP00 • 3-phase inverter modules with internal du/dt filters as standard • Quick connectors for motor cable output connection • Enclosure class: UL (NEMA) Type 12 / IP54 • Stand-alone cabinet with cooling pipe connections on the right side • Built-in cabinet heater • Heat exchanger for industrial cooling water • Fulfills marine requirements • Single pump and two pump versions • Redundant pump version • Different piping solutions and sea water heat exchanger available as engineered variants

ABB ACS880 Industrial Drives ACS880-1604LC
More Information
Rated Frequency 50 - 60 hz
Height (mm) 1760
Width (mm) 420
Depth (mm) 974
Type ACS880-1604LC
Voltage Class 690 V
Frame Size 2xR8i
Catalogue Download ACS880 Catalog pdf
Brand ABB

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