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M2BA Type

Low voltage
General performance cast iron motors
400 V 50 Hz

  • Simple and robust design
  • Off-the-shelf available 
  • Extensive modification possibilities with brand standard designs
  • Online documentation

The motor’s main rating plate shows the motor’s performance values with various connections at nominal speed. The rating plate also shows the efficiency level (IE2, IE3), year of manufacture, and the lowest nominal efficiency at 100, 75, and 50 % nominal load.

The lubrication plate specifies regreasing amount, regreasing interval in hours - depending on the mounting position and ambient temp

Product range  
Cast iron M2BAX - Shaft heights 71 to 355
Aluminum M2AA - Shaft heights 56 to 250
Output power 0.06 to 355 kW
Effiency class IE1, IE2, IE3

M2BA Type

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